The Superpower Journal Creative Journal Class

What it is:

A deep-dive energy healing of your relationship with power. With creative play and glitter markers.

Why Power?

POWER is the thing that animates all soul qualities. Think: Creativity. Authenticity. Abundance. Freedom. It brings them to life, in your life.

So the more personal power you can access, the more gorgeousness you can create in your world and in the world around you.

This makes power the fuel that brings all dreams to life.

What you’ll get from the class:

  • At least one major epiphany about where your relationship with power needs some work
  • Loads of totally do-able ideas for what to do about it.
  • You’ll feel more connected to your inner power source as you activate your inner SUPERPOWERS.

How it works:

We meet on the phone for a 90 minute audio class, which is actually a group healing, with crayons and glitter pens.

Then your Superpowers Guided Journal & Mandala Colouring Book will lead you deeper into the process and be there as a power-charger whenever you need it. You?ll fill it with insights, inspiration and your own very special recipe for how to power up YOUR power source.

The audio class is happening LIVE on October 24 at 1pm (Central, North America ? click here to see this in your time zone).

The class will be recorded, so you can play along in your own time, as many times as you like.

The Superpowers Journal Class is only available inside the Creative Dream Circle.

This class will not be available for sale on its own as this is the third in a series of Creative Journal Classes (Love Your Life and The Magic Journal are the other two).

Love Your Life is an emotional healing process that calls love, delight and joy into your life. This gives you a studier foundation for working with magic in The Magic Journal, which is where you work on deep alignment with your inner gifts.

The Superpower Journal class activates and deepens everything you learn in the other two classes, and supports you in the process of standing tall as the Creative Superhero that you know you are.

Click here to read all about the Circle and join us today.

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