Talking to a Creative Block

I?m happily working on my new thing and hit a speed bump. Nothing I write feels right.? Some part of my brain wants to say that this project is too big, too complicated, there is too much to do so I am lost and don?t know where to start.

Another part of my brain calls bullshit though.

Earlier this week I thought to myself, The Art of Bringing a Dream To Life could also be called The Art Of Not Bullshitting Yourself.

And here I am bullshitting myself, or attempting to anyway.

So, if I wasn?t bullshitting myself about not knowing what to do, what would I do right now?

And, not surprisingly, I hear an answer…

I?d totally finish part 1 before working on the draft of part 2.

That?s interesting, why would I do that? I always do a full draft first.

You know how the longer you work on something the better you get at it? You?re already at the place of being able to totally rock part 1. The act of finishing part 1 is how you get to be able to rock part 2. That?s why you could write part 1, and the first part of part 2, so easily. But now you need to go back and to a final version and record it and create artwork. The part 1 can nurture and fuel part 2.

Hmmm, that?s kind of brilliant.

But now I feel kind of tired at the thought of editing the draft, recording, editing the recording, creating artwork and putting it all together.

What’s tiring about that?

Well, no the project itself isn’t tiring.? Normally I’m inspired and energized by my projects.? What’s tiring is…

You’re doing it again. Bullshitting yourself.? You’re not tired, you’re in resistance.

Oh, right.

So what if you wrote out all the reasons why you resist this?

Oh man, that’s scary.

When I breath into the resistance the main thing there is that… this is so much work, what if it bombs?? Maybe I can’t afford to take all this time to work on something new.? Financially I’m really banking on it going well, because I can’t do paying work while I am working on this.? Holy crap that is scary.? No wonder I am in resistance.

And is this true?

Well, no.? It’s not 100% of my business.? I have that other thing I want to start doing.? And tons of other things in the works.? I don’t have to stop doing all income-generating activities in order to get this done.? Argh, I’m still bullshitting myself.

So where is the resistance now?

It’s a little lighter.? It’s seeing the long-termness of this project and feeling tired about the journey.

Is this more long-term than anything you’ve done before?

No, not at all.? It won’t even take that long, once I get into the flow with it.

So where is the resistance now?

I’m putting it in a bubble of creativity, enthusiasm and flow.? Ha, now it’s skateboarding around the bubble.? It’s giggling.? It wants to be creative and make stuff!? It wants to sew skateboarding costumes.

How do you feel now about your project?

Kind of excited.

What do you need?

To map our this project and make a list!? Oh Holy Crap!? A map! A list! How did I forget that?

It’s SO hard to get to where you want to go without a map!

Deep sigh of relief.

It’s mapmaking time!? I LOVE mapmaking time!

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