Batter Tasters Wanted.

I?ve whipped up this cupcake batter which I am sure is going to result in the Best Cupcakes Ever. ?But before I pop these babies in the oven, I?d love to have a few people taste the batter.

I want to thank my friend?Victoria?for the idea of ?Batter Tasting?.? This is so much sweeter than the more common ?Beta Testing? of a new product or service, though the spirit remains the same.

As a Batter Taster, you are helping me refine and perfect my new service/product, so you will got lots of extra attention from me. ?I want to do my best to make sure you are thrilled with it, so that I can learn all about how to BEST bring this new thing to the world.

In return, you’re the first to get my awesome new thing, plus you get it at the lowest price it’s ever going to be.


The cupcakes are Custom Made decks of Creative Soul Alchemy Cards.

Busting with colour and alive with magic, each card contains a supportive + inspiring a message from your soul.

They remind you of your truth and bring you back into alignment with your inner genius.

At my desk today. Magic in process.

How it Works:

Your tasting experience begins with a Creative Soul Alchemy session where we’ll take a deep-dive into your inner world to activate the magic, power and creative genius that lives within you.

This is you and me, on the phone or Skype, for about 45 minutes. ?The call will be healing, magical and leave you feeling like you can fly.

We’ll capture the wisdom and guidance from your intuitive soul that will help you walk your path with ease and grace.

When we finish our time together, I will take these nuggets of inspiration and create a Custom Made Just For You deck of Creative Soul Alchemy Cards.

Your Inner Wisdom + My Creative Genius (and crayons!) = Creative Soul Collaboration at its best.

The cards will help you:

  • Connect to your Creative Genius and Inner Wisdom.
  • Get back into the flow, when you fall out of it.
  • Remind you of your unique truth.
  • Make you smile every time you see them!

Even my harshest inner critic described these cards as: life-alteringly gorgeous, like on a SOUL LEVEL.

Because each card holds a transmission of healing, inspiration and magic, meant just for you.

Born to Shine.

Imagine an oracle created?just for you.

With your words, with the messages and qualities that are profoundly meaningful to you, right now.

Monday Morning Messy Desk. Have a new art project to share this week. Excited!Your unique deck of Creative Soul Alchemy cards will be 100% hand made just for you, with love, on heavy cardstock. ?I’ll use markers, pastels, paint, glitter, collage? whatever I am inspired to play with after our session.

The size is about 3.5″ x 5″, with rounded corners – they are hand cut, so sizes will vary slightly and the lines will be charmingly wonky.

You’ll get at least 12 unique cards.

I?ll email you photos while I?m working on your unique deck, though I won?t send you a photo of each and every card – so that there will be some surprises for you when your deck arrives.

Imagine your unique Creative Soul Alchemy deck arriving at your door!

Each card, a message from your creative genius, shining out to you like a beacon leading you along your path.

There is something so magical about custom made soul art that can’t adequately be put into words.

In my #creativejournal today.

Ways to Work With You Custom Made Deck of Cards:

  • Some cards will have important reminders that you?ll want to keep out where you can see them every day. You could put these into a picture frame on your desk, or hang it on your wall.
  • Or frame them all and cover a wall in inspiration + magic!
  • You can shuffle and choose a card when you need some guidance and direction.
  • You can pick a weekly card as your guiding theme for the week.
  • You can ask a question and then pick a card to find the answer.
  • You can use the cards as journaling prompts.
  • You can leave them on your desk, shining brightly and reminding you of your genius.


Soul message.

I am literally wiggle wagging with excitement to share this with you!

Right now, I have enough batter for 8 tasters.

There are no more batter tastings left.? I am now happily working with my tasters, creating cards and making magic.

Batter Tastings cost $275 (Canadian – but it’s super easy to pay in your currency – when you click the link and log into PayPal it will convert it for you).

Your session must happen within the next 4 weeks.? (DO NOT sign up for this if you can’t do it now, that’s the point of batter tasting!)

When you click the link below to order, you will be taken to PayPal to make your payment.? Then I’ll email you (within 24 hours) with the details to get our appointment set up.

There is no way to “hold” a spot. ?The 8 spots will go to the first 8 people who place their order.



As a Batter Tasters you’ll be helping me refine and perfect my new service and product, so you will got lots of extra attention from me. ?I want to hear all about your experience, and do what I need to do to make sure you are thrilled with it, so that I can learn all about how to BEST bring my Creative Soul Alchemy Cards to the world.