The Joy of Dreaming

(Sharing a photo of me in the sweet little bakery/coffee shop near me that I want to spend time in this week. It's a wood-fired bakery, so they have the fire going all morning and it's sooooo warm, perfect in the winter!)

During the New Moon call we did on Dec 21, I had such an intense sensation of connecting with the version of me who has done the thing I want to do and the thing that struck me is:

She's so CHILL, like chiller than I have ever been. She said to me "This is SO easy." and showed me some of the things she does. It made me feel so SURE.

I've been thinking about how, these last two years, I am not following through as "well" as I used to. Some things are taking a lot longer to do. Some things are just not getting done.

And it has felt like a real struggle. I want to do things, but... so much gets in the way, mostly lack of focus and having less energy. I used to move quickly between Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work.

And today - I am feeling the joy of staying in the Dream Work. Dreaming about it. Planning it. Being excited about and not rushing to DO it.

I'm feeling GRACE for myself for the last two years. And I am looking forward to 2023.


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The Joy of Dreaming