The magic of NOT conforming to dominant culture

I'm trying to think of a delicate way to say this but maybe it just needs to be said awkwardly:

We're too judgy!!!

We have a really fucked up "standard" for how we think things, and people, should be.

This is wayyyyy worse in the holistic wellness/new age/life your best life communities than it is elsewhere, but it's everywhere.

Positive is better than negative.

Confidence is better than doubt.

Healthy is better than sick or disabled.

High energy is better than tired.


Pushing yourself to always be positive and productive can lead to greater success in capitalism but allowing yourself to BE who you ARE helps you have WHOLENESS.

It gives your magic.

And yes - I'm talking about how we apply these things to ourselves but of course this is a mirror for the culture we live in and the ways that people who don't or can't conform are treated.

There is magic in allowing the diversity of human experience.

Out in the world - it would actually change everything if we valued ALL people equally, and made space for ALL ideas. A world that works for everyone!

Inside ourselves - it would actually change everything if we valued ALL of our thoughts and feelings, and made space to feel and acknowledge them because that would totally change the ideas we'd have about how to navigate our path.

I see it all the time in Dream Book. We start with an uncomfortable feeling, and it's like "no this isn't how I want to feel, this isn't how I want things to be" but by being with that feeling and allowing our actual experience, we see a totally new way to proceed.

And it feels like magic every time but I think that's just because our culture is TRASH so we've become accustomed to TRASH.

It's not magic - it's how being alive actually is when we allow all aspects of ourselves.

This shoving feelings down, denying our desires, trying to conform to capitalist, colonialist, white supremacist culture - that's not healthy for anyone.

This is sparked from our Co-Dreaming call yesterday about How EASY can it be?

About all the different responses:

  • I could get support so that I can DO THE THING!!
  • I could rest.
  • I could make more space for my feelings.
  • I could trust what's already here rather than look at how to create more...

And how beautiful it was to be in a space where everyone's ideas were given space. We weren't looking for THE ONE RIGHT WAY for everyone to make things easier. We were making space for our own truth, sharing our truth, and being inspired and encouraged by each other.

I noticed how the vibe is soooo different from a lot of the Wellness/New Age/Live Your Best Life communities where this is this PRESSURE to find and do THE RIGHT THINGS.

Where you get judged, usually in subtle ways but not always, for "being negative" or being poor or disabled or fat or sick.

Where the idea is that you're doing it wrong if you're not manifesting a life that looks like what dominant culture says your life should look like: productive, successful, organized, cheerful.

I feel sorry for the people who are still in all of that.

And I feel so grateful for everyone who is doing this work with me.

If you didn't see it - watch yesterday's Co-Dreaming call here.

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