The woman who is a goddess who is a galaxy

A lot of what I teach is about getting to know the heart and soul of your dream, which is perfect and whole and complete and real right here right now, because developing this inner relationship with your dream opens up whole new worlds of possibility.

A dream is really anything you want to do.? Anything you feel inspired about.? Anything you wish you had.

I have a gazillion dreams.? Each one of them is a real, live thing – energetically.? Each one of them has a heart and a soul and a personality.

These energy beings hold the blueprints for the perfect unfolding of the dream here on earth.? Working with them makes everything a gazillion percent easier.

So, I get to know the heart and soul of EVERYTHING that I want to do.


Right now there are a whole bunch of things I want to do in my business.? Each one is it’s own dream, but the dreams play together in the playground of my business.

The biggest one is: creating smooth systems that incorporate all the things I want to do.

I used to see smooth systems as a roller-coaster type thing – a support structure that created the conditions for the adventure of being on the roller coaster.

And that worked, while it worked.? Now I’ve got too many moving parts.? It’s like my little roller coaster cart is so full of toys that there’s no room to play with them!

Dreams grow and evolve just like we do.

Now smooth systems is woman who is a goddess who is a galaxy.

There are planets and moons.? Milky ways.? Stars and sparkle.

And there is the endless dance and flow.? Each element doing its own dance and then this infinite kaleidoscope of a pattern coming out of the interactions between everything.

Freedom and flow and gravity and pull.? Creativity and magic.

Beauty.? The universe of my business.

The woman who is a goddess who is a galaxy sits at the center of this (which is everywhere) and sings silently with delight.? All of the motion of the dance comes from the silent song in her heart.

Once in a while she brings a new planet to life, on her finger, and then flicks it out into her galaxy where it finds it’s perfect place to dance it’s perfect dance.

She sees all the secret invisible ways that all things are connected.

She holds it all in harmony.? In her silent song.

I’m getting to know her and learning how to work with her and with the ever-changing rhythms of the galaxy.

She says they’re not changing at all!? She says that everything has it’s own rhythm.? I need to see the individual dances and be present with the individual dances and PLAY with the individual dances and stop worrying about the larger dance that they all dance together.

She says that what I’ve been trying to do is CONTROL the larger dance and that’s not how it works and that’s why I’ve been getting stuck.

This makes me nervous. I want the larger dance to look and be and feel a certain way.

She says – it’s time to take off the training wheels, sweetie.

And I get this flash of – I don’t know, something.? Seeing a new perspective. Internal transformation.

If I am controlling the larger dance I am LIMITING the larger dance in the name of “feeling safe” which is bullshit anyway.



Ha! I sat down here to write (I am in a coffee shop and forgot my little travel journal bag with pens, so I couldn’t put this in my journal like I usually would so I thought – why not put it here then?) out a meeting/plan to figure out how to get this larger dance dancing the way I want it to.

What I got instead feels like an invitation to JOY and DELIGHT and POSSIBILITY and PLAY.

I’m watching the obstacles crumble and a sparkling new path emerge.

Suddenly everything feels easy and clear.? Dancing with the individual dances seems so obvious now.

Trying to control the infinite kaleidoscope of a pattern coming out of the interactions between everything seems ridiculous now!?

No wonder I kept getting all overwhelmed trying to do what felt a huge huge huge huge impossible job. ?Because that was never my job to do.

This is the kind of sparkling transformation/shift/healing you can expect during next week’s Treasure-Mapping Tele-Circle.? I highly highly recommend it!

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