There ARE times when it all comes together

I woke up this morning feeling DESPERATE to sit in a coffee shop and write. On Dreams and Privilege and Changing The World.

Photo from June 2021 on another magical day when things came together for me and I still remember spending that morning in the park, writing.

One place where people sometimes get lost with my work is in how non-linear it is.

And I wish I could do something about that, but the work IS non-linear. If there was some straight line that led from where you to where your dream is - well that would be nice! But there really isn't.

The path isn't just non-linear, it's non-directional and also multi-dimensional.

The last few weeks my posts have felt like they are all over the place - discovering things, getting stuck, discovering other things, re-discovering a thing I already discovered, getting un-stuck, getting new ideas, all the things sometimes seemed disconnected from each other.

But then days like today come along and ALL THE THINGS GET TIED TOGETHER.

And THEN it makes sense that so many seemingly disconnected things kept coming up in my daily practice.

Because I needed all of them to come together in just the right way for me to see my new project.

This project feels like the answer to ALL of the questions I’ve been sitting with this past year - maybe even two years.

And I’m not ready to share the details of it, but today I am starting working on it. I was up early, and came to my favourite place downtown because I wanted that “working out of a coffee shop vibe” to get this started, and so here I am. Starting.

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There ARE times when it all comes together

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