This is a healing

Photo: day 1 of my new expanded art + writing practice. I set up a space on the floor in front of the giant window (where I can watch the sunrise while I write, paint and draw every morning this winter). My feet standing on a rainbow rug, with a sketchbook and paint pens and pillows all around.

We had a Zoom call yesterday in Dream Book and one theme came up over and over: how fucking PAINFUL it is to be disconnected from your dream.

Whether it's your life interfering and not giving you the time/space you need to do what you want to do, or having a lot of self doubt or insecurity about being good enough, or not actually knowing what it is your dream is.

It all hurts. And it can be surprising, how much it hurts.

Your dreams are a part of you. You need to feel connected to them to feel whole.

This doesn't mean everyone needs to write a NYT bestselling book, for example. It means everyone should have the encouragement and space they need to write, or create whatever it is they are dreaming of.

It's not about the outcomes. The act of engaging with our dreams helps us feel more whole.

So, yeah. Any time that is blocked, whether by internal or external forces, this is going to be painful.

It's because our dreams are so vulnerable and so valuable that disconnection from them can feel so.... big.

And we live in a world that doesn't really have language for this which makes it feel more complicated.

So at the end of the call, I heard over and over about how this call was a healing. That having this pain be validated and hearing that others feel it too felt like a healing. Without trying to CHANGE the pain, simply by HONOURING it.

So I wanted to offer that to you too.

Your dreams matter. They deserve to take up space in your life.

Our next live call in Dream Book is happening on Oct 12. I hope to see YOU, and YOUR DREAMS there in the circle.

This is a healing

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