My husband moved back into the Dream Loft

Photo of Bear laying on the bed with mounds of blankets behind him and the plant mural in process behind that. The light is not great as there are boxes and boxes piled up in front of the window.

Joseph moved in last weekend, 2 weeks earlier than we were planning for.

So we had not completely finished the renovations before his stuff was here and now it’s total chaos.

I remember sharing here when Joseph moved out, that even though I still loved him and wanted to be married to him, I felt so much joy about having my own space. And now I feel so much joy about having my best friend back here. Living with Joseph is so FUN, he is always making me laugh.

Sometimes we want things that conflict with each other. I love living alone and I love living with my husband and there are pros and cons to each.

It’s human nature to have dreams that conflict with other dreams.

They don’t cancel each other out. We can get creative about finding ways to make space for all of the things we want.

The Dream Loft renovations were all about that. Changing how we use the space, to give each of us more of the things we had when we were living alone.

Today I’m putting things away, thinking more about how we want to use the space, and dreaming of a cozy winter here.

But I know everyone wants to know how Bear is doing with all of this.

When we started bringing all of the boxes in, Bear went upstairs and hid in his cat house. That first night, he slept up there (which is rare, he usually sleeps with me).

He stayed in his house that whole next day until I opened the container of cat treats, then I heard his little feet racing down the stairs 😹and he’s stayed out here since then.

The second morning, I woke up pressed against the plant mural wall. Joseph was in the middle of the bed. Bear was stretched out on Joseph’s side. The new bedroom is really more Bear’s than anyone’s.

My husband moved back into the Dream Loft