This week is in the running for worst week ever.

Yesterday I made a very long video for the Creative Dream Circle titled: Creating safe space to work through the HARD when you’re completely freaking out.

That video title says a lot about how my week is going.

Monday morning I had to travel out of town to a funeral and my car wouldn’t start. Then things went downhill from there.

This is what I know for sure about hard times:

  • Hard times contain bright gifts
  • It’s when you face the things you think you can’t face that you discover how strong you actually are (much stronger than you think)

This is where you learn how to TRUST your magic.

Anyone can think positive when everything is going exactly how they want it to.

A Creative Dreamer sees the magic even when everything is going exactly how you don’t? want it to.

A Creative Dreamer remembers that they always have access to power, purpose, creativity, and spirit.? And trusts that these things are so much bigger than the obstacles and problems and stucks and whatever else that says you can’t do it.

Beautiful thoughts, but easier said than done, right?


Getting through this week with my optimism and creative spirit intact has taken even single bit of every single thing I’ve learned in 18 years of studying the spiritual art of wish fulfillment.

And I couldn’t do it alone.? I am grateful to have such supportive people in my world.

When I shared the Creating safe space to work through the HARD when you’re completely freaking out VIDEO in the Circle last night, we created that safe space in our forum together, so that it’s there any time we need it.? The space is filled with:

+ permission to be where you are and not have it mean anything about you or your dream or anything
+ acceptance and legitimacy for everything you’re feeling and experiencing
+ trusting your own unique process and timing
+ sovereignty, safety, spaciousness, healing and possibility
+ love, flowing in all directions to all parts of you

When you create containers, practices and spaces to work through the hard, rather than trying to avoid it or just letting it crush your spirit, that’s where you find the magic.

Let The Magic Guide You

The magic has guided me out of some dark and icky holes this week.

It’s shown me some truths about where I hold myself back and how I might want to look at approaching things differently.

And it’s shown me an entirely new level of DETERMINATION to not compromise in living a life that is true to who I know I am.

And next week when everything isn’t so craptastic (do you hear that next week?? you are going to go easy on me!) I’ll still have all of this DETERMINATION – and it will be supercharged jetfuel for my Creative Dreams.

And I know that the magic is there to guide you, too.

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