Today’s Journal Prompts

I had a dentist appointment this morning, and on my way there I went out for a chai latte and journaling.

In preparation for our class on Wednesday (Staying Stable In Your Relationship With Money When The World Is Not Stable) I focused on two prompts:

What helps me feel stable? (Which sparked some thoughts about the nature of stability itself)

How do I want to feel about money? (Which also sparked some thoughts about money in general)

Some of the ideas that came to me were surprising.

Like at first, I know I want to feel EXPANSIVE and FREE and CREATIVE and POWERFUL in my relationship with money.

But the longer you sit with a question, the more answers you get, and an answer I got later on felt more true.

I want to feel neutral about money.

Also stability fascinates me the way it’s not a dream of mine… but without all dreams feel impossible. I thought of the forms of stability that I take for granted because they’ve always been there, and all the ways I can call it in for myself. I thought about it on a larger level - how do we help more people in the world be stable enough to dream? Because we do need everyone to dream our way into a better future for all.

As I keep exploring, I’ll probably find more surprises.

I hope you’ll join me for this on Wednesday.

We’ll explore and share together (this work is always so much better in a group) and do some energy alchemy around calling the things we need.

Details and registration are here.

Today\'s Journal PromptsToday\'s Journal Prompts

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