Update 35: Smooth Sailing


This update series started because I had a big goal for what I wanted to do with my business in 2014, so I made a decision to write an update every Friday for all of 2014 to share all of the ups and downs of the process of bringing a big dream to life.

As I shared last week, I want to change how I do these updates.? I’m at that phase of having this vague sense of wanting to do these differently, but not seeing how, exactly, I want to do them.? I thought I knew, but now I’m not sure.

When I’m struggling with something, or actively working on building something then of course I end up with more stories to share.? I’m not feeling like I have a lot of stuff to work through right now, I’m mostly enjoying in the magic of being where I am (which is pretty freaking cool).

The Creative Dream Circle is growing steadily.? I’ve got new clients coming in steadily.? This week I really hit that balance of getting great work done and playing with new art projects and sewing and enjoying nature and taking good care of myself.

When we set out to reach a big dream, we always have fears (that we’re not good enough, that we’ll fail, that we’ll succeed then everything will change, that people will discover we’re a fraud, etc) and limiting beliefs about ourselves and about life that make the dream feel impossible.

As we clear up that inner stuff, our outer perspective changes.? Most dreams change dramatically during this process.

Right now, when I connect with the heart and soul of my dream I am met with fireworks in my heart that explode this amazing feeling throughout my body.? This is a big shift and a big deal!

It’s happening INSIDE me, there isn’t this big unknowable chasm between me and it.? There isn’t even any space.? We’re together.

So now I’m at a stage where I’ve cleared a lot of fear and doubt.? Everything feels open and what I want is flowing to me at the exact right pace.

Not to say I won’t come across more layers of stuff to clear, but right now I can’t say how much I love being where I am.? Besides the occasional and totally natural fear, this week has been pure delight.

(And I am even in LOVE with sharing the stories of transforming fear into amazingly helpful things, like I did yesterday, which makes me actually happy when the fear pops up)


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