Update 40: On Becoming More Powerful

Update 40: On Becoming More Powerful

This week was pretty amazing.? I kept working with the dragon that I uncovered last week.

A little while ago I got this amazing new Moleskine journal that contains one (crazy long) sheet of heavyweight paper that is accordion folded into 48 pages.

intuitive healing art journal

I bought it because I thought it would be perfect for making my Treasure Maps, so they could go on and on and on discovering treasure after treasure.

But after I met this dragon last week, I decided to use this journal to write out the dragon’s story.? I’ve been spending time with it every day, for at least an hour – meeting with the dragon, finding out more about what it has to tell/teach/show me and recording it all in my art journal.

(For Creative Dream Circle members – I’m using the Un-Sticking Station to do this.? Even though the dragon is not a “stuck” it’s the same process.)

As I shared last week, this started when I met the heart and soul of my dream and it was a big bird trapped in a small cage.? After doing intuitive healing work with it, the cage dissolved and the bird turned into a dragon.

The dragon is all about helping me see things from a bigger perspective and being more powerful.

So I’m meeting with the dragon every day to integrate the energy and lessons that the dragon has for me.? I can feel things shifting inside of me that I can’ t quite understand with my head, just yet.

I love this dragon though.? I love that it’s so patient with me, and keep showing me the same things in new ways.? Because the dragon doesn’t want to just teach, show or tell me stuff – it’s here to help transform me into who I need to be next to keep growing into my bigger dreams.

Growing into a bigger and more powerful part of you is not exactly a comfortable process.? It’s amazing but it’s also awkward and vulnerable.? So as I work with every reaction that comes up for me a new piece of the story falls into place.

So I’m giving this inner process a lot of space.? This way my intuition leads me towards what is next, instead of my ego or logical mind or inner critics telling me what to do.

My ego, logical mind and inner critics are not happy about this, they do like to be in charge.

But even my ego, logical mind and inner critics think that the ideas that are coming out of this inner process are really, really good ideas – which is amazing.

I’m looking at making some changes in my business that I’m pretty excited about.? I’m also feeling more grounded and powerful in my business, which is awesome.

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