How is drawing mandalas different from drawing anything else?

How is drawing mandalas different from drawing anything else?

This is the number one question I’ve been getting lately.? It’s something that is hard to explain in words, because it’s not something you can understand with just your head – it’s something you need to experience in order to understand.

Drawing mandalas is not like other kinds of drawing, because drawing mandalas isn’t actually about drawing, drawing mandalas is about wholeness and connection.

Drawing mandalas is less an artistic style and more a framework for connecting with the wholeness within: with your inner wisdom and intuitive voice.

In other words: drawing mandalas is magic because YOU are magic.

When you learn how to draw mandalas through focusing on what’s happening inside of you instead of focusing on what’s happening on the page, you learn how to tap into your inner wisdom.? (Yes – this is what I’m teaching in The Mandala Class)

A lot of spiritual teachings are paradoxes – like you’ll find the answer when you stop looking for it.

Mandalas are like that.? You’re drawing, but it’s totally not about the drawing.? You’re only using the drawing as a tool for focusing your energy and attention.

The paradox is that as long as you are successfully using the drawing to focus your energy and attention you’re likely to end up drawing Mandalas that you love.? But if you focus on drawing a “nice” Mandala not only is there a good chance you won’t really adore your artwork, you also won’t get any intuitive messages from it.

And if you focus on “doing it right” you’re likely to miss the whole point.

But if you focus on what’s happening inside of you, drawing mandalas is like having creative magic and intuitive wisdom on tap, so you can turn it on any time you need some.

The framework you work with while drawing mandalas supports this beautifully.

The circle represents wholeness.

Drawing rounds around rounds, and having the circle grow on your page, represents expansion.

Repeating lines and shapes as you draw creates patterns – patterns which shift and change and come together in new ways.? Which shows you new perspectives on YOUR patterns and helps you shift the less-helpful patterns into more-helpful patterns.

As you go round and round, creating, shifting and re-creating patterns, and all the while focusing on the inner process – you journey to somewhere new in your inner world.

There is so much magic inside you and THAT is what makes drawing mandalas so amazing.

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