Update 45: Staying Present As The Dream Changes

Staying Present As The Dream Changes

I’m starting this update feeling like nothing really happened this week and I don’t have anything to update you about! So I’m going to the journal prompts for keeping on track with your dreams for help.

My dream is: Changing! As I’ve been connecting more with my Dream Self and learning more about how she is different from me I am getting clearer on what I want next, but I am not all the way at clarity just yet.

I want it because: I want to keep moving towards my most authentic, most free and most powerful self.

When I have it I will feel: The past six months or so I’ve noticed that feelings feel different.? Like there is more space inside me for the qualities I want.? So happiness isn’t just happy – now it has room to dance around inside me.? I feel more free, more deeply grounded, more inspired and happier.? I imagine this will just keep opening up as I keep moving towards what is true for me.

What happened in the last week?

A lot of self-care.? I’ve been sad about saying goodbye to summer and not wanting to let go of how much joy riding my bike everywhere has brought me.? (And also not willing to experiment with winter cycling – I mean I DO want to, and I could dress for it and get winter tires but I don’t want to share the icy roads with cars who can’t stop as fast as they think they can)

I’m discovering and re-discovering a lot of things to help make this better.

I’ve also been working on my new coaching programs – next week I’ll have the new dates up for SHINE: Group Coaching for Coaches, Healers, Teachers & Helper-People.? This is a 4 week group focused on helping you evolve into the best coach/healer/teacher/helper-person you can be.

How do I feel about this?

I’m really excited about the new stuff I want to do with my one-on-one work.? I am so inspired by what my clients are doing now, and want to help them reach for even bigger dreams.

What do I need now?

To be patient (ugh!) about giving what’s next time and space to emerge.? To be more OK with not-quite-knowing right now.

What does my dream need now?

My dream is a sparkling lotus that is in outer space (?).? It’s too far away from me for me to really be able to connect with it, but this is exactly where it needs to be right now.? It whispers at me to trust the process and work on my part for now.

Taking all of this into account, my next mission is: keep on keepin’ on.

Patience. Trust. Self-Care.

I can see how my new fall self-care routines (yoga before bed, meditation first thing when I wake up – 10 minutes each is enough but more is better) are really supporting what is emerging next.

I want to add that I want to do more journaling, more sewing, more art.? But I always feel that way, that I’m not doing enough.? (For Circle members: I posted some creative journaling I did with the “You’re Not Doing Enough” voice in the Un-Sticking Station this week)

So how about this week I experiment with believing that I AM doing enough?? That feels good.