Weekly Visionary Visioning

Last Sunday I wrote a post about Visionary Visioning and made a commitment to explore this in my life, and to write and post, about Visionary Visioning every Sunday in December. That post is here.

So. Letting the energy of Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness be my guide this week, the first thing I noticed was a strong strong strong burning desire to get rid of some things: a portable air conditioner unit and 2 fans.

These are things from my old house, not needed in the new eco-friendly loft.

But I wasn’t SURE I wouldn’t need them, so I put them in the teeeeenytiny “storage space” (actually the space behind my fridge).

So this week, with Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness as my guide, I needed these things gone.? I realised that they made my teeeeeenytiny storage space be all full and messy-looking.

But more than that, they didn’t support the qualities of Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness.

Holding onto things you don’t need just doesn’t fit.? It’s not about about having lots of stuff.? It’s more about having what’s right and trusting your needs will be met.

So I found new owners for them.? And now that space feels like caring and love and possibility and spaciousness.

Even though, of course, I can’t SEE this space behind my fridge, it has changed how my space feels.

Which sparked more changes.

I had a friend help me move some stuff.? Upstairs things went downstairs and downstairs things went upstairs.? And it feels like a new layer of settling into who I am and creating a life that feels true to me, fueled by Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness.

Surprising discovery as I connect to Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness: I want to make less money

It felt surprising at the time but is really a natural extension of it’s not about about having lots of stuff.? It’s more about having what’s right and trusting your needs will be met.

It started to become clear that the only reason I want to make more money is to have more money socked away in case of an emergency.

It’s the answer to all of those inner critic questions/fears from when I was leaving my job: what if I get sick, like so terribly horribly sick I can’t do my work? ?What if I am incapacitated? ?What if something happens to a family member and I need to take care of them. ?

OMG ?I could keep what-ifing for some time but I’ll stop here.

That’s not the energy space I want to be in, so why fuel it?

Fullness and wanting more/striving for more don’t fit together.

Though fullness and being open to more do fit.? There is a different feeling to that openness, like staying in tune with the natural expansion and growth in the universe.

Fullness + Richness together feels more like a celebration of what is than a push to create more.

My guess is that it also opens the doors to more.? But in an invitational-celebrational kind of way and not in a pushing-demanding-MAKING it happen kind of way.? Which I am just not interested in – it’s such a creative buzzkill.

My next steps:

Last Sunday when I meditated with the intention of connecting to the more expansive vision I wanted to explore, what came to me was Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness.? At the time it felt like that was the energy behind the vision.

Last week, in exploring Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness I have learned that it actually IS the vision.? And that it’s not all airy-fairy energy-feeling stuff, there is something quite tangible in this too.

I also had an insane amount of inspiration and one earth-shattering breakthrough.

Plus I perfected my system for recording inspiration + magic + all the things I want to do. Which is of course from the other intention I had with this – to have the visionary visioning fuel my Creative Genius Planning Sessions.?? (And, creating containers, structures + systems for growing dreams is something we’ve been working on in the Creative Dream Circle)

So it feels like I’m holding onto and using more of the inspiration – which of course makes sense – I’m holding onto more of the vision because I’m giving it my attention and creating space for it in my life.

Ahhhhhh! I love this.

Doors are opening.

This next week, I want to keep exploring what’s behind them. This morning, I’ve got about eight feet of watercolour paper spread out on my floor with art supplies everywhere.? I’m lying on the paper, drawing, dreaming, mapping + having a beautiful day.

I’d love to share a photo, but sunlight is streaming in from the gigantic windows and highlight the dust + stuff that is not getting cleaned up today and I just don’t want to share that on the internet.

So this week I’m going to keep working on this, (and eventually, tidy up).

I’ve already got the perfect spot to hang this 8 foot long vision map when it’s done (I love the Creative Magic Headquarters with its giant walls and lots of space!) so that once I’ve captured a clear snapshot of my vision – I don’t forget it.

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