The Well. Or how fairy tales help me get my work done.

Scene: a girl and an ancient stone well, in a clearing, in a forest.

The Well. Or how fairy tales help me get my work done.

She went to the well looking for an answer. She only meant to dip the little bucket in and pull up what she needed, but the well quickly pulled her right in, all the way down to the bottom. Which, she was surprised to learn, wasn?t wet.

At the bottom of the well, sitting on soft, dry land, it was almost like the light was sparkling, but she thought it was just her eyes, adjusting to the low light.

Sure enough though, the bottom of the well seemed to be home to a sprinkle of fireflies.

Illumination. Magic. Isn?t this what you came here for?

Well, yes, I wanted just a scoop though.

Just a scoop? There is no scoop. You?re in the well or you?re outside of the well.

She noticed that she actually felt different, now that she was inside the well and wondered if the voice, which she assumed was the voice of the fireflies, was maybe right.

What you wanted was a scoop of magic which you could bring back to your people. And then, presumably, each one would scoop out a thimbleful of magic for themselves. What good is that?

Well when you say it that way it sounds ridiculous. I wanted to show them the scoop of magic so they could learn more about it and how to create more – how to create their own magic.

You don?t create magic. You are magic. Come on, you know this.

Well, yes – that?s what I wanted them to discover in this process. That the magic is inside of them. That the tiny thimbleful that I could give them is pathetic, compared to the magnitude of magic they contain within them. I wanted them to have that visceral experience of absolute knowing that – that the magic within outshines anything anyone else can give you.

And does being here in the well of your own inner magic make you think of a better way to do this?


And isn?t that what you were really looking for?

Yes. Sharing a tiny scoop of my magic doesn?t help them with their magic at all. I mean, what if they start to mistake MY magic as THE magic? I am NOT going to be that teacher.

The girl sits in silence.

After a few minutes, the fireflies come in closer and start to multiply, filling the energy around her with sparkles.

Illumination. Magic. That?s what you came here for.

The girl?s heart lights up like a giant firefly, and each beat of her heart sent sparkles circulating through her body.

And she knew exactly how to proceed with her class.

EPILOGUE: Forty minutes after writing this fairy tale, the girl completed the content for The Magic Journal Class. Fairy tales are potent magic.

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