What do we do with this?

(I went to visit my favourite peony patch yesterday, and was so inspired by how it FEELS to be surrounded by peonies I made a peony mediation for blooming + radiance - you can get it on Instagram)

What do we do with this?

Whatever you are feeling is 100% valid.

I’m Canadian, I’m not in the US, but still - I feel it. It was a big step on the march towards authoritarianism that is happening everywhere.

So many people have mentioned to me lately that they’ve been reading up about different forms of collapse and what’s happening in the society - what’s happening to the people - during the collapse.

For the most part - life goes on. It gets more stressful, there are more and more disruptions, but we carry on with everything we can carry on with.

There is no sudden move from one way of living into the next, there is this messy transition where you’re not even sure, for sure, that you are in a transition.

And on top of this - all of the normal life stuff.

And on top of that - all of the creative dreamer stuff. You still have stuff you want to create and do!!

It’s a lot. And so: Whatever you are feeling, however you are coping, is 100% valid.

I still believe that giving yourself space to have your feelings, including your feelings about what you wish was happening AKA your dreams, is key to navigating this time.

Deeply processing your feelings always brings you to new possibilities for how to respond.

I think this will save us.

It’s not the ONLY thing that will save us. But it’s one of the things, and it’s the thing I am equipped to support you in doing, so I am going to keep doing that.

The replay from the Holding Space For What’s Next To Emerge class is available here.

Grab your journal and give yourself an hour to explore.

What do we do with this?

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