What I love right now

Spring is here and I’m riding my bike everywhere.

First day back on my bike! No there is not too much snow still! I can't wait anymore!

(Photo from early March – we don’t have snow anymore)

These Molotow refillable paint pens in my journal.

Lots going on in here lately. Stretching is such an interesting thing: all awkward and delightful at the same time.

Making dream altars and burning candles + incense at them every day. Calming, grounding?and magical.

Taking some time to get settled back in my home. Picked a @deepakchopra success card and got: I detach from outcome. Making that the theme of the day. http://bit.ly/makeadreamaltar

Feeling more creatively free ever since spending a week at Chris Zydel‘s amazing intuitive painting studio.

Finishing up an amazing weekend Painting from the Wild Heart with @wildheartqueen Thank you!!!

Being more structured in how I approach my weekly planning and goal setting and S T R E T C H I N G myself with my dreams. ?I’ve been doing this since January 1 and though it’s only been 3 months it feels like a long time. ?I’m feeling stretched and uncomfortable sometimes but also loving how committed I am to my own dreams right now.

Monday morning Creative Genius Planning Session: starting with healing + forgiveness for the disaster that was last week. Finding the lessons + gifts to bring them with me, leaving the rest behind. My Creative Genius Planning Kit creates deep connection t

My bedroom. ?I got new sheets in shades of turquoise and it still makes me swoon.

I'm feeling a lot better but still need an afternoon nap which is not the worst thing in the world. I do love settling in for a nap while the sunlight streams in like this. The south wall in the dream loft is wall-to-wall floor to almost-ceiling windows.

Hanging out with this guy. Being in a relationship is another thing that is really STRETCHING me right now, in a really good way.

Taking a little break from winter.

Working on the Year of Dreams Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Healing, Transformation and Making Your Dreams real. ?Three months in still pinching myself that this is my JOB. (This is available inside the Creative Dream Circle)

Getting new Guided Journal + Coloring Pages ready to send out -these go to my Circle members every Monday, all year long. I love them! Easy + playful invitations to dive into the magic within without having to face the blank page + figure out what to jour

Also:?Kiehl’s ultra moisturizer is keeping my skin from freaking out during the change of seasons like it usually does, picnic, beach + camping season is just around the corner and I just booked a trip to Mexico for the end of the year.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed, then I wrote this post of things I love for Andrea Sher‘s Brave Blogging class (and I got to meet Andrea while I was in California – that’s another thing I love, being able to connect with creatives from around the world) and now I feel calm and inspired.

Gratitude is magic.

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