What kind of support do you need, to do the things you want to do?

What kind of support do you need

Boundaries support your wellbeing and healing and self care and DREAMS.

In your business, boundaries support you in doing your best work, shining your light and receiving the things you need.

So the big question is:

What kind of support do you need, to do the things you want to do?

There are SO MANY WAYS to get creative about creating this support for yourself.

Systems and guidelines and routines and limits and agreements. These are all boundaries.

Of course - today is the Business + Boundaries: Creating Space for your Creative Dreams to flourish class!

This class is an experiential deep-dive into exploring where you need more/different SUPPORT, to be able to do the things you want to do in your business.

When I was preparing the class, I was getting my period and was a little crampy. It wasn't that bad, and I don't like to take drugs, so normally I would just try to ignore the cramps and carry on.

BUT I'm finding it hard to focus these days for a lot of reasons. So I decided to just take an Advil, to numb the cramps so I had one less thing distracting me.

That's a boundary. Not today, cramps!

Of course, the decision to usually NOT take drugs is ALSO a boundary.

Good boundaries are fluid because we are living things and our needs change all the time.

But it's so much more complicated when it comes to business, because it's not just YOUR needs that matter. Your customer's needs matter and your business' needs matter and your employees, suppliers.... it's big web.

Also, most boundary decisions happen in our unconscious, driven by people-pleasing and fear of failure and other such nonsense.

Like -  "Oh, we did 6 coaching sessions together last year and you were thrilled with my work at the time, but now you've decided to go to Disneyland and want a refund to help pay for it? Well, I REALLY want you to like me, so sure!"

I mean, that's an extreme example but we violate our own needs to get external approval in a lot of ways.

And it's uncomfortable to hold our boundaries for a lot of reasons.

So the Business + Boundaries class is, of course, a healing circle.

A chance to look deeper at what's happening for you in your business, to figure out where to plug leaky boundaries to make things smoother for you and to explore how to give yourself the support you need to do what you want to do next.

AND a healing space for being with the things that come up from that, for processing the feelings and holding the insights and figuring out what to do next with all of this.

I LOVE this work.

I LOVE the way our businesses push us deeper into our growth.

I can't wait!

And YES the class will be recorded so you want do it in your own time. This is one I think we'll come back to over and over, because each time you do it you would get something different from it.

This class is a part of Dream Book, my ongoing creative dream course + mastermind. Join us here.

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