What’s Happening Inside The Mandala Class

The Mandala Class is in full swing inside the Creative Dream Circle.


This is what one participant had to say about what she’s learning in the class:

Before the mandala class began I was having a pretty stressed out time, lots of anxiety from external events and sick parents overseas.? I’m also painting walls and a dozen other things that we people have to do, walk the dog, laundry, make dinner.

Well fluke or not, i think I’ve been a lot calmer this week, less restless, less overwhelmed, irritable, less panicky, less a mess.? I also made a couple of quick decisions that would normally take forever for me to decide.

Mandala’s are pretty relaxing, mostly they seem to have this quality about them that puts you in a calming zone, even if you were as mad as heck before you began one.

A couple of times, doing non-mandala related things, I had to stop myself and be quiet for a moment because I realized that my mind was not obsessing or worrying, which is rare for me.? At least that is what seems to be happening.

I love this.

I love how quickly the students are going beyond the drawing to find the real gifts and magic in the practice.? These delightful little drawings change lives!

It’s not too late to join us 🙂

The Mandala class contains twenty-one videos where I share everything I know about creating a wildly fulfilling mandala practice.

You won’t get overwhelmed because each video contains ONE idea.? And then you go play with that idea, then come back to the next video.

PLUS you get to be inspired by all the students who have been posting their photos and stories.? And I’m there to offer support and answer questions along the way.

The Mandala Class is only available inside the Creative Dream Circle (so you also get all of my other classes and helpful tools for intuitive development, fear-shrinking, doubt-dissolving and dream-growing).

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