When There Is So Much In Your Way You Can’t Move Forward

When you’re in this situation, the first thing to know is that obstacles are good!

Obstacles are the means through which your dream comes true.? I do mean that literally, you can watch this video for more on that.

So having a lot of obstacles doesn’t mean you can’t move forward and make your dream real.? Even when you have so many obstacles they are blocking you from even being able to see your dream.

When you’re in this situation, the energy dynamic you’re in is like a pinball game – you’re the ball.

Thinking about your dream just gets you pinging between the different obstacles.? I can’t do it now because of this. Oh but I also can’t do it now because of this.? And if I do get started, well then I’ll hit this. Ouch!

Everywhere you turn there is another obstacle – another reason why your dream can not and will not come true.

Not a fun place to be.

And it can feel like the only way out is to just give up on the dream and declare it impossible.

That gets you out of the pinball game.? But then you’re just living in this world where your dreams are impossible and that’s no fun either.

What you have to do is remember that the obstacle is the way through.

The pinball effect stops when you stop running away from the obstacles.? When you sit down with them, get out your journal and start exploring.


Make a list of all the reasons why your dream is impossible right now, all the things holding you back.

Just creating this list shifts the energy around your dream.? You’re not bouncing around anymore you’re staying with it.? You’re bringing yourself into the inner process of bringing a dream to life.

As a side note: The reason why you’re bouncing around is because you’re looking for an external process for bringing your dream to life.? This does not exist.? Bringing a dream to life is an internal process.


You’ve been spending a lot of time bouncing up against these things, and trying to run away from them, or maybe even trying to blow them up.? It can take some time to un-plug from that energy dynamic and come to a place of stillness and being able to just sit with the obstacle.

This is important!? If you can’t stay present with the obstacle, you can’t work with it as your means of bringing your dream to life.? It might feel like nothing is happening but actually everything is happening.

It’s totally like this scene from my favourite movie:

The most magical and amazing things cannot be experienced until you’re willing to open your mind and really be with them.

Here’s the secret:

As you’re sitting with your list of reasons why you can’t have what you want right now eventually you discover a truth: these things aren’t actually what’s stopping you.

It’s your attitude towards and beliefs about these things that is stopping you.

Your attitude and beliefs are things that you can change.

And when you start to work on that – congratulations.? You are now on the path of making your dreams real.

I tried this myself yesterday.

I was a little stuck with something and made a list of why I couldn’t have I wanted right then.

And hot damn if that list of things that felt like real and insurmountable obstacles wasn’t anything more than a list of sad excuses.

Making the list forced me to face my own bullshit.? And then get over it.? And then do something about it.

I know it can be very uncomfortable to do this – especially if you haven’t done this kind of inner work before.? But it’s not like being in the pinball game is comfortable either, just give it a try.

There is always a way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Does trying to figure out what this inner journey means and how to go on it feel like too much to do on your own?

The Creative Dream Circle can totally help.? It gives you all the tools you need and leads you through the entire process of bringing your dream to life.


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