When you have a dream but you have no clue what to DO about it

When you don't have a clue HOW to make it happen and suspect if might be impossible

This is a coaching call with tips and strategies for how to work with dreams when you have NO CLUE what to DO.

Honestly - the main thing to know is that there IS something you can do. There's actually LOTS you can do, but you do have to look at it a little differently.

The live video happened on Jan 13, you can watch the replay here.

Have your journal ready!

You're going to leave this with a list of things you CAN do to get working on your impossible dream TODAY.

Do this with me!

Dream Book is my ongoing class + creative mastermind for navigating the path between where you are and where you want to be. This is where I show up and work/play with my new dreams, every day.
This is where I share TONS of practices for Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work so that you have a whole smorgasboard of options and it's super easy to show up and work on your dreams.

This video is a part of the FESTIVAL OF DREAMS - a whole month long deep dive into journaling and meditation.

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When you have a dream but you have no clue what to DO about it

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