You are not too busy

You’re not too busy.

You don’t need to wait for _____.

You are good enough, exactly as you are right now.

You are ready.

I used to live?inside these stories:

You’re not ready.

You have to wait for things to change.

It would take a miracle to get to where you want to be.

They felt?so true for me that they made up the foundation for the life I was living at the time.

I remember taking a class called Spiritual Economics. ?(This was the textbook for that class – I really loved it)

My teacher asked me what it was I wanted. ?I knew exactly what I wanted and I lit up while telling him about my dream life in crisp detail.

Creative play. Art-making. Self-reflection. Quiet. Adventure. Abundance. Travel. Meaning. Purpose. Offering my gifts unabashedly.

“… but it’s impossible right now.”

Was how I finished my story.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Is it?”

Something about the way he asked that question make me wonder if maybe I was wrong.

But that made me feel defensive. ?So I responded with all of the reasons why, yes, it’s not possible right now.

You can’t just make money by being creative and inspiring?and happy.

I mean how could my?dream possibly support me?

It’s not like I hadn’t tried. ?I had lots of dreams and ideas and ambition. ?I tried and tried and tried and tried and failed and failed?and failed and failed. ?And at that point in my life my poor heart was too tired and broken to keep trying.

I needed to live inside of those stories.

They felt safe.

Because otherwise I’d be left with nothing but the truth: that my dreams needed me to be braver.

My dreams needed me to question the beliefs that had me stuck.

My dreams needed me to?find a way around these stucks, and back to my truth.

My dreams needed me to grow.

And, ultimately, my dreams needed me to see that change was up to no one and no thing else but ME.

Looking back, what really strikes me about that time in my life is how TRUE those beliefs felt.

They felt so true that I could live inside them. ?Solid.

But?now I know those beliefs as lies. ?I don’t live by them anymore.

And it’s not the world that changed – it’s me that changed.

Yes it is possible for me to do the things my heart calls me to do. ?Period. ?This is the truth I live inside now.

If I can’t see a way it means I need to create it.

If I get stuck it means I need to look more closely at myself.

All the power is here – in me, my heart, my dreams.

Resistance wants us to forget this.

And that’s why it’s so important to face it head on. ?Otherwise you get stuck in the lies.

You’re not ready.

You’re not good enough.

It’s impossible.

Not true.


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While you’re inside the lies it feels so confusing to figure out how to get out of them.

But it’s actually fairly simple.

When you take to?some time and really notice what’s going on you see that truth has an unmistakable quality to it. A light.

That light will lead you to amazing places.

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You’re ready.

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