You are worthy of your BIGGEST dreams


We all have a ceiling on what we think is actually possible for us, and that ceiling isn't about reality it's about our own self concept, which is completely malleable.

Though I don't believe we should be constantly pushing on that ceiling in the name of "dreaming bigger".

It's that we have a mental concept of "right size" "too small" and "too big" and sometimes our dreams push up against that, and so we try to shrink our dreams into what feels do-able.

But your dream is your soul speaking to you.

So, instead of trying to shove it into a smaller container that fits with your current sense of what is possible for you, how about you listen to what it's actually saying?

You are worthy of your BIGGEST dreams.

I'm not saying "get out there and work your ass off and make it happen" I am saying: how about giving yourself permission to want what you want? To give yourself space to consider... what do you REALLY want?

Yes, you live in a world that is hostile to dreams. Yes, compromises may need to be made. Yes, the world will judge and belittle your dreams and ask you who are you to think you can do this?

Your dream is your soul calling you towards your true self. There is magic and power in this.

And there is a big difference between going after your dream and landing on a compromise, and making compromises about what you will ever allow yourself to dream about.

Your dream is here to heal and grow you. But it can only work it's magic if you accept it.

FEELING WORTHY of your dreams Zoom class and healing circle is happening March 30 at 1:00 pm Central (North America). Replay provided (I am doing this one mostly for the replay - to have this healing circle available to all members right in those moments when you feel not good enough)

This call is open to all members of Dream Book.

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You are worthy of your BIGGEST dreams