You won’t always know what to do

If you're a living, growing, healing, human being - you will NOT always know what to do next.

You can only always know what to do if you are always doing things you've already done before.

For those of us who want to grow, heal, and create - we have to spend a lot of time in the not knowing.

That's what my weekly planning is about this week:

Dream Book members: I just added a new in depth Creative Genius Planning Sessions Video For When You Have No Clue What To Do. (that link only works for members - if you're not a member yet, you can join us here)

Do you need to rest or do you need to get organized?

The 2 new coaching circles are ongoing.

One about DEEP REST where we get together on Zoom and REST TOGETHER (!) and also journal + talk+ figure out how to get more of the rest we on an ongoing basis.

One about GETTING ORGANIZED AF where we get together on Zoom and get our shit together, together! We'll literally DO THE THINGS together, and if you get stuck getting organized, I'll coach you through it.

Both will be included in your Dream Book membership - details are on the Dream Book page.

You won\'t always know what to do