Your dream needs you to be brave


There are a LOT of reasons to NOT pursue?your creative dreams.

  • You might be a procrastinator.

When it?s time to work on your creative dreams suddenly the dishes need washing and you?re struck with the urge to scroll through your Facebook feed again.

  • You might just be too busy.

You carefully carve out time to work on your creative dreams but find that time quickly gets filled up with more important things to do and you just can?t get to your creative dream.

  • You might be waiting for the right time.

After the kids start school. When your work is less crazy. When you have more money.

  • You might be telling yourself that you?re too lazy?

Maybe you have all the time you need you?re just not sitting down and getting to work and you don?t really have a reason.

But actually what you’re doing is being in resistance.

You’re either in the flow or you’re resisting the flow. ?There really isn’t any other place to be.

We pretend that there are other places to be because?we don’t want to admit that we’re resisting our own good.

This is human nature.

The problem is that when we believe our own bullshit about why we’re not starting – it keeps us from not starting.

It LEGITIMIZES not starting.

It LEGITIMIZES putting your dreams on the shelf.

It LEGITIMIZES living smaller than you want to live.

It NORMALIZES living disconnected from your authenticity, your joy and your magic.

That’s no good.

You’re a creative genius and you’re made of magic so why wouldn’t you live like it?

Now I have all the sympathy in the world for how hard it is to start.

But that doesn’t mean?I’m letting you off the hook.

This is?too important.

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