Creative Dream Coaching Circle: Turning Procrastination into Motivation

The procrastination call. OMG this was a good one.

This was was designed to be used when you’re in the thick of procrastination and it will lead you through the procrastination and into true creative momentum.

We dug deep, right into the heart of the matter.

We discovered gifts and insights and… yes, even magic in the process of exploring our procrastination tendencies.

Seriously – when you listen to their stories and experiences you’ll feel so much less alone in your procrastination.

And then follow along as I lead you through a process for transforming procrastination.

You’ll end up feeling inspired to step back onto the path.

The cost: Just $30 US a call (or free, for Creative Dream Circle members)

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Creative Dream Coaching Circle: Turning Procrastination into Motivation. Everyone procrastinates. And most of us feel ashamed and beat ourselves up about our procrastination - which only makes it harder to stop procrastinating.