I want to be MIRACULOUSLY productive.

I want to be dazed and confused over how much I get done every day while still totally having fun and staying all zen and calm.

But I am not uber productive.

I’m not even always having fun or staying zen.

And it’s making me very cranky!?

Yesterday I posted a photo of taking a nap… I took that nap in the hopes that it would cure the cranky, which it did NOT.


In the Creative Dream Incubator e-course this week we’re exploring the essence of our dreams.

Getting all sorts of sweet delicious clarity about the essence of my dream (which is the heart and soul of the dream – a living energy being who can help you make your dream real) is just making me hyper aware of the gap between where I am and where I want to be.

As long as you are growing as a person you’re going to come across that gap.

Being aware of it is a good thing, it helps you bridge it.

But being aware of it is also a sucky crankifying thing because dude – I want to be there but I am here.

I’m also noticing, when I get out of that “I AM CRANKY, THIS ISN’T FAIR, DAMNIT!” energy pattern, that all of the things I am wishing for are ways of being.

I want to FEEEEEL blissfully productive.? Which I can do, if I work on my inner relationship with productivity and untangle whatever is tangled there.

I want to FEEEEEEL happy and zen about being productive.? Which I can do, if I work on my inner relationships with the inner critics and fears that are keeping me from feeling that way.

I’m super cranky about this when I am in that space of wanting things to change on the OUTSIDE.

The crankiness melts when I remember that it’s all about what is happening on the INSIDE.

I love how each time I do the Creative Dream Incubator course it brings me new gifts and helps me move into a deeper connection with my inner truth.

The path is not easy, but the gifts are worth it.

We have one rule in this session of the Incubator – You’re Not Behind, Ever.? We’re committed to honouring our unique process and doing this together, but working at our own pace.? This means it’s not too late for YOU to join us 😉