19 ways to make space for your next big thing

19 ways to make space for your next big thing

Here are 19 ways you can make space for your next big thing, right now:

  1. Look at what you can delegate - either tasks in your business or cleaning your house or getting groceries delivered instead of shopping, there are lots of things you do that other people can do instead!
  2. Get up 1/2 hour earlier to work on it a little each day (it's a cliche because it works - though I would add to also go to bed 1/2 hour earlier because sleep is important)
  3. Meditate on it ✨every day✨
  4. Let go of the things you're doing that aren't fulfilling anymore (yes even if other people expect you to keep doing them - your dreams thrive with strong boundaries!)
  5. Book a creative retreat - just go somewhere where your only thing to focus on is this new thing you want to be doing
  6. Do Dream Book! Within the first month you'll see all sorts of new possibilities for how to do your thing
  7. Take a social media break, or severely limit your social media time
  8. Block off a week in your calendar where you just don't book anything. Of course you'll still have other things to do, but you'll have quite a bit of time in this week for your new project
  9. Work on it during your lunch break
  10. Let your house get messy
  11. Get take-out or pre-made meals at the grocery store
  12. My favourite is to go out for coffee on Saturday mornings to work on dream projects
  13. Be really honest about how you are spending your time and look for things you can temporarily give up to make space for your new project
  14. Exercise every day. It gives you more energy
  15. Stop watching Netflix/tv
  16. Cancel all of your social plans for 1 month
  17. Make a list of everything you can put off to make space to do this thing now
  18. Get together with some friends for an afternoon where you all work on your projects together
  19. Consider the idea that "I don't have time for this" is actually a lie


MAKING SPACE is a part of the process of making the thing happen.

No one just magically has all the time and space they need to do what they want to do.

You've done it before and you'll do it again.

When it FEELS impossible to make space, that means something else that's in the way.

Staying in this story that you "just don't have time" keeps you from the truth: That this new thing is terrifying.

How much would it hurt to give this thing everything you've got, and still fail?

THIS is what makes it hard to make space for a new thing.

It takes an INCREDIBLE amount of trust in yourself, and COURAGE, to wholeheartedly pursue your creative ideas.

So this is actually THE BEST WAY to make space for your next big thing:

Have a consistent practice for:

  • listening to your intuition (it knows exactly how you can make space for this new thing)
  • cultivating the courage to act on your intuition
  • calming your fear and self doubt
  • transforming your patterns of holding back
  • connecting with who are becoming as you do this new thing (every creative project and dream your pursue GROWS YOU)
  • accessing your inner POWER to take brave steps and make things happen for yourself

I do this work every day in Dream Book  and would love for you to join me there.

Dream Book: I am becoming who I want meant to be

You are infinitely wise, brave, creative and powerful.

You already have everything you need for your next big thing.

Let's do this.

19 ways to make space for your next big thing

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