My 20 year old dream is about to come true.

I have had a creative dream for the past twenty years: to make decks of oracle cards. A kind of combination of Transformation Game and the tarot – but as a thing that you do by yourself, with your journal. A dream-growing consciousness-altering game of healing + transformation.

I do make custom-made original art inspiration cards for myself and my clients. And I do have a super fun class on making your own inspiration cards in the Creative Dream Circle.


But this is different.

Twenty years ago, I was wildly inspired by Amy Zerner’s Enchanted Tarot.? At that time, I was in university getting my degree in fashion design, and kind of crazy about all things textile art.? Amy had created SEVENTY EIGHT stunning works of textile art for the deck – a project that combined spirituality and creativity in exactly the way that I wanted to do. I was ridiculously inspired.

But. SEVENTY EIGHT stunning works of art? That is a lot of art to make before you can even begin to put the project together before you can even begin to think about getting paid for it. In my years after university as a starving artist I never had that kind of spaciousness in my schedule or finances.

Plus I didn’t want to make a tarot deck, my dream was develop my own thing and developing my own thing felt like just as big a job as making all that art.

The whole thing felt too big. And I didn’t feel ready. And the truth was – I wasn’t ready back then.

All dreams are connected through creativity and purpose.

It always makes sense to work on the dream that is right in front of you right now. This doesn’t mean that you are choosing one dream over another – working on one dream can nourish all dreams because they are all connected.

This is why I offer the Creative Dream Incubator e-course for all Creative Dream Circle members – it shows you how to approach to making your dream real in such a way that it will nourish and energize ALL of your other dreams – and grow you into a person who is ready to have more dreams come true in her life.? Because a lot of ways of making things happen (like working your ass off, sacrificing your joy and wellbeing today for future joy and wellbeing, waiting for “the right time”, etc) really just deplete you and leave you exhausted, stressed out and wary of facing your next dream.

So, I’ve been working with other creative dreams for the past twenty years – while growing my possibilities and growing my self.

And now here I am.? Ready for this dream that has been “too big” for so long.

This is a pretty awesome place to be.

And it’s so amazing to be actively working on this, after holding it for twenty years.

I’ve been working on it for five weeks now.

There aren’t even any words to explain how happy I am to be doing the work. To sit at my table, every day, and let it pour out, page by page.

I hung up strings across the Dream Loft to hang up my artwork so I can see everything together while I tried to figure out how, exactly, this was going to work.

I experiment and explored. (This includes what people thing of as making bad art and taking wrong turns – but is just a part of the process of experimentation.)

I felt creatively alive in a new way. I also felt frustrated and unsure of myself.

And, slowly, it started to come together.

I’ve still got months of work ahead of me, this is still a REALLY BIG PROJECT, but progress is smooth and steady.

And now that I’m seeing it all come together, I feel all lit up.

I want to share more about it – the pictures and stories of bringing it to life.? But right now all I an say is that having a dream is great.? But being right there in it, and DOING YOUR CREATIVE WORK EVERY DAY, that’s where the magic is.