What if what is is the perfect thing?

?This is my weekly update from Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance.? Every Friday I? post my answers to these same questions (with a different ?bonus? question, based on what we?ve been exploring that week) and invite the Circle members to share their responses too.?


Answering these same questions helps us to track our journey ? healing and transformation are difficult things to track because when done right, you feel so at home in your new way of being that you forget how things used to be.? But when this practice is done consistently over time, it shows not only how far you?ve come ? but how far you?re able to go next.

Before I start I want to say that this week I was still in flu-recovery mode!? I am MUCH better, but still not 100% so it didn’t feel like a “normal” week.

Last week I was so sick I had to postpone some client sessions so this week I had extra sessions, so most of my energy was going there.? Which was actually really cool – obviously I love my work.? But I just didn’t have energy for a lot of other things this week.

My intention for Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance is:

Still working on this.? I did start a thread in the Circle about sorting out my intentions and getting really clear on how I want them to show up.? This is a work in progress.

My intention shows up as:

An expanding nebula.? So beautiful and full of love.? It reminds me to be patient.

I am Growing My Depth.? This week my practice was:

Things felt muddled and unclear, with bursts of clarity and insight.

A lot of really great stuff is happening.? And it feels solid inside me, like I have opened up new space inside me for more of the things I want to come in.

But then at times it was like too much is changing/happening and I really don’t know where I am.

You can kind of see it in how I wrote in small chunks all around the page – it’s not all connected like it usually is.

Though I was not engaging with my journal a lot, I was thinking a lot about being with what is: Not trying to rush through some parts.? Not holding onto things.? What if what is is the perfect thing? How can I accept this moment as a gift?

What if being in flu-recovery is just what I need?? What if the slowness and low energy is perfect?? I like the way this feels.

I am Nurturing My Brilliance.? This week things in my outer world were:

This was a really fantastic week.? I enjoyed having extra coaching/healing sessions, my clients are always so inspiring to connect with and there is nothing I love more than helping people make amazing things happen in their lives. SO satisfying.

But I did not enjoy having low energy and not being able to go out as much as I wanted to.

One day I was feeling so much better and I walked outside for almost 2 hours (I loooove being outside in the winter) but then the next day my sinuses were all painful again.? (HA! SO related to our topic this week of playing our edges!)

I do have this secret project that I made progress on.? I’m so happy with how it’s coming together, but not at a point of being ready to talk about it.

It feels important that I remember:

To be present with what’s happening now.? I find myself zooming into the near future when I’m feeling all better, the snow is gone, and I can ride my bike again.? It’s great to be excited about all that, but stay here!? All the magic is in the present.

Now I need:

Quality time with secret project.? It feels like connecting more with the essence of it will help me find the words to talk about it.

Find a way to embrace the slowness that I feel with not being able to do as much as I want to be doing.? Recovery as a celebration.

My intention needs:

It wants to be found.? It knows I’m going to find it, it needs some love and attention and for me to be patient about how long it may take for me to get clear.

And also to remember that intention-setting and dreaming are much easier when you have a lot of stuff you don’t like in your life.

Where I am now, living with so many dreams come true, it takes more work to clarify and define exactly what I want next.? It’s like shifting into the detail work because the big/obvious stuff is done.

Circle members – I’m just posting the bonus question for this week in the update thread inside the Circle.

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