A snippet from my journal: Why is this so hard?

I'm trying to work on a thing that I really want to work on.

But I am just noticing the minutes tick by and I'm just.... not doing it.

I'm distracted and stuck and.... I don't even know.

So. Why is this so hard?


I think I'm listening to the wrong music.

OK that's an easy one to solve. I'm now listening to Creativity Boost - Binaural Beats Meditation. Perfect.

What else?

My heart feels tight and breaky, not broken but like it could break very easily.

Well yeah - look at the world! How could your heart NOT be breaking? What do you want to do with this?

I don't want to try to fix it. Just make space for it. I don't want to insulate myself from the realities of the world with positive thinking and spiritual healing. I want to be here.

So, how can you do the things you want to do, WITH a tight and breaky heart?

Wow. This is a surprise but the first thing that comes to me is: less coffee, more tea.

What else?

Look for the simplest ways to do things.

Have LOTS of self care things going outside of work time (I already have this).

Take a break? That feels weird, but, it also feels true.

What if you do take a break from this? What would you do?

I would do that other thing.

Would you do that to AVOID something hard in this or because that's where your flow is calling?

Mostly to avoid.


Yeah, I actually do want to understand WHY this is so hard. What it is that I want to avoid?

I might do it wrong.

Yes, that's always there with every project. But is that all?

I really want to do it right. I want it to RESONATE. I'm scared it won't.

(Oh! This is the first answer that feels really true and open.)

If you want it to resonate, how come you're not doing the things that help it to resonate?

Well, shit.

There it is.

I know where to start now: by doing the things that help build resonance.

Do this with me!

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A snippet from my journal: Why is this so hard?

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