Partnering with the Soul of your Business

The Partnering with the Soul of your Business class is happening on April 13.

Learning to PARTNER with the soul of your dream is the thing I teach that allows everything else to happen: growing braver than your fears and stronger than your obstacles and making the impossible dreams come true.⁠

I learned this during my 4 years training + interning to become a spiritual teacher. At the time it felt like this esoteric spiritual thing with no real practical application. ⁠

But as I worked with it I realised that this is the MOST practical thing we could ever do. This is the foundation that makes everything else possible.⁠

It works the same way with your business.⁠

This kind of stuff is hard to put into words.

Learning to partner with the soul of my business has helped me to feel more confident as a creative entrepreneur, and less alone. Which is kind of everything. It has given me:

✨ Hands down the BEST advice for how to get to where I want to be⁠ (usually NOT how I think it should happen - the soul of the Creative Dream Incubator usually has the opposite perspective from mine, which has been immensely helpful)
✨ Energetic support for working through the hard parts⁠ (Again, that piece where it's got the opposite perspective to mine is SO helpful for moving through the hard parts with as little emotional drama as possible)
✨ Magical interventions where the right things happen at the right time ⁠

The Partnering with the Soul of your Business class is happening on April 13, as a part of Dream Book, my creative mastermind.

Join us here.

You can attend live or catch the replay. Either way, this is a thing to work with over and over and develop into a PRACTICE, which we will do together in the ongoing online creative mastermind inside Dream Book.

Partnering with the Soul of your Business

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