A visit from the “I Don’t Have Enough Time” monster

99% of the time, I don’t have enough time is a lie.

You have enough time, and you chose how you’re using it.? It only feels like it’s not a choice because you’re caught up in an un-helpful pattern, or you’ve got a sovereignty leak or you’re letting your inner critics run the show.

So, here I am this morning, convinced I don’t have enough time for all the things I have to do today.

Except I do.? They fit neatly onto my calendar.? So I mediate and journal and use aromatherapy and still this small voice of anxiety won’t go away.?? I re-read my post about You Are The Source Of Time which helped, but then my little inner I Don’t Have Time Monster got woken up…

So, let’s talk.

You DON’T have enough time!? Not for all these things!

Oh sweetie.

And you certainly don’t have time to talk to me about it!

Oh, so what should I be doing?

Running around like crazy, panicking about not having enough time.

That doesn’t seem useful.

But it would be honest!

Honesty is important.? See, I am being honest by talking to you about how you’re feeling, rather that just pushing through and getting the work done.

Oh, right.

I think you want me to to panic until I can’t get the work done, and then not get the work done, and then use this as evidence that I can’t handle this much work.

Well you can’t!

I know I can.? I love everything I’m doing.? The Creative Soul Alchemy Cards?? HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS. I’m having the best time ever.
Creating a deck of custom made Creative Soul Alchemy Cards for a client. Having so much fun!

But they’re taking you longer than you thought, to make them.

Yes, that’s a part of the Batter Tasting Process – learning all of that stuff!? Then I’ll take what I learn and use it to put the final thing together.

But you’re also doing Project 1 and Project 2 and Project 3!? All big projects!? Plus your regular stuff!? Aaeeeeeiiiiiiii!? There is not enough of you to go around!

Honey, I remain full and whole.? And I choose what I want to play with, and when I want to play with it.

Oh, wait, what?

I think you think I have to give parts of my energy to each thing.? But I hold all of my energy.

And the little monster disappeared and in its place is yesterday’s Creative Genius Planning Session with all sorts of amazing energy work that actually holds the container for all of the things to happen this week with great joy and ease and spaciousness.

And the monster says: I’m sorry, I forgot about the Creative Genius Planning Session.? I can see it all here in the magics.? You’re doing fine, nothing to panic about.

Ahhhh. Calm returns.? And I’m ready to enjoy my many activities today…

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