You’re invited! A summer of rainbow~licious healing + art-making.

I’ve got a wall in the dream loft that is 20 feet high by 20 feet wide that is EMPTY.? It’s a very big empty wall to have.

It’s hard to share photos of the dream loft because the angles are weird in some places and there’s a wall to wall south window on both floors that lets in so much light the shadows get weird.? But here goes, the first photo is the top – you can see the wall of the loft on the right, and the pom poms hanging up there, the second photo is on the main floor, which is beside my office space.

Before. (Top)Before (bottom)


And I have finally decided what to do with it:? I am going to create a rainbow of healing chakra art for this wall!

With reds at the bottom, up to purples at the top.? Can’t you see it now?

I’m excited!? A summer of rainbow-art-making! Wheeee!

As soon as I had this idea I got out my Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle kit, so I could use the meditations and prompts in the kit to help me make sure my art is crazy inspiring (I want to feel all filled up every time I look at this wall!).

Then I decided to share the magic (normally that kit is available only if you have the Creative Dream Incubator).

?So for this summer only you’re invited to play along! I’m opening up my Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle, from May 31 to Aug 20, 2013.

“The Rainbow” combines a Chakra Healing Session with a Healing Meditation Circle and a Creative Journaling Workshop – Healing, Transformation, Play and Fun all rolled into one.

Plus overflowing with inspiration for a summer of rainbow-art-making.

I’ll be playing in the Circle all summer, and making a ton of art that is inspiring, healing and meaningful – hopefully enough art to fill this whole giant wall.

You can fill your walls with rainbow art, or keep your explorations in your journal – totally up to you.? You don’t even have to do art if you’re not into that part – you can focus on the healing and meditative aspects of the Circle.

The online classroom has space for you to share your photos and stories, and oodles of permission to participate only in the ways that feel fun and nurturing for you.

I can’t wait to share this with you!

You can read all about it here.? We’re starting May 30, registration opens May 23.