Being powerful enough to face the fear

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Today I'm back in the tangles. In a very good way.

This week I talked about how doing this work doesn’t necessarily change anything in your outer life - at first. And to be patient with that part, focus on showing up for the practice, and let any change come in it’s own time.

Today I set a totally new boundary with the most difficult person in my life.

I didn’t tell them, because they are hostile and erratic right now, and I know me speaking my truth would set them off. But I have MADE the boundary. I feel it. I am holding it - I am dis-engaging in a way I have never been willing to do before.

This is my most powerful self in action.

Protecting my most creative self, and holding space for her to have what she needs.

This also creates space for my most magnetic self to shine.

I have shied away from really exploring what/who my most magnetic self even means.

I have had a lot of other things to explore. AND I have been avoiding it a bit. And I was writing that part above I realized - ok now is time to look at it.

I didn’t pick the words: creative powerful magnetic.

My dream sent them to me, with this invitation to explore them deeper, and to invite you to explore with me.

I did a 4 year training program to be a spiritual teacher in an organization that teaches the law of attraction. Though at this point that feels like a lifetime ago.

I do understand the law of attraction teachings much better than the average “law of attraction coach”. AND I shy away from “magnetic”.

There are *so many* problematic issues with how the law of attraction is taught, and in the communities that are created around it.

Does that mean I don’t think we can be magnetic AF? No.

And I know that our creative work is especially magnetic. It has the power to draw it’s right people to it.

Still, a part of me feels annoyed with my dream for sending me this word. Another part of me feels sooooo excited to explore it. Another part of me want to be cautious, and figure out some ground rules.

I’m taking this “‘let’s be cautious” me into the Un-Sticking Station.

(This is one of the tools we use in Dream Book. for un-sticking the inner obstacles. I use this one all the time.)

So, hey. I don’t necessarily disagree with being cautious, but you have such a strong “whoa be careful” vibe going on there, I’d love to discuss this. What do you think?

I think we need to be careful.

Sure. What is it that we are being careful ABOUT?

Speaking about “drawing things to you” like a clueless ass. Giving the impression that oppressive systems don’t play a role in how our lives play out, it's all just our thoughts. Supporting the idea that you can spiritual by-pass your way into your dreams, and that if you haven’t done that yet, it’s all your fault because you think wrong. Being super trauma-un-informed and blind about privilege.

Oh yes, I don’t want to do any of those things.

But those things are happening amongst the people who are taking about “being more magnetic”. How will you be different?

By being me.

How is that enough?

It’s not, necessarily, enough. I get that. There are all of these… ways of seeing…. In that whole community and it’s hard to talk about being magnetic with plugging into those ways of seeing. I want to talk about it in a totally different way - which is actually what I DO, when help people plug in deeper to their own power, creativity and wisdom.

But you don’t use words like magnetic out in public. Using this word brings us into new territory.

Yes, but it wasn’t me who picked the world. Our dream picked the word. And we trust our dream, right?

Well. Fuck.

Yeah, I hear that. But can’t do Dream Work with conditions. Partnering with your dream means PARTNERING. Not cherry-picking what parts I want to hear. Not that I have to obey it either, but this doesn’t feel a like a case where I need to push back against my dream. It feels right to explore this. AND a part of it feels scary. So let’s explore WHAT is scary about it more deeply, so we know what to do about it.

It’s just scary to be misunderstood. To be lumped in with something that is against my values.

True. AND every time I write about myself online, I am misunderstood.

Well, yeah. But I think this will be more extreme. And that’s scary.

You’re right. Also I don’t want to write defensively and constantly saying “I’m not talking about ignoring the role privilege plays in manifesting, or victim blaming or spiritual bypassing”

Yeah that’s the other fear. That I can’t write coherently because of that.

OK sitting with this, a new feeling is stirring.

I feel excited to do this. Excited to try anyway, to find a way to talk about “feeling like a dream magnet” without plugging into unconscious privilege or spiritual bypass.

Because it IS easier for people with more intersections of privilege to draw their dreams to them. So we NEED more people with fewer intersects of privilege to become more magnetic for their dreams - because everyone’s dreams are needed and the world is SO lopsided right now.

And I actually now A LOT about this. The tangle is: talking about it IN PUBLIC. Inside Dream Book this is actually what I do every day.


This feels completely different right now. I feel energized and inspired.

I bet you anything tomorrow I will write something helpful about FEELING MAGNETIC.

Being powerful enough to face the fear

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