Inner Work

Conversation With My Inner Critic: Not Believing In Yourself Is The Worst Feeling In The World

I wrote this on Monday, before sharing my new Creative Soul Alchemy Batter Tastings. I want to share it because I know a lot of people read my blog who want to be doing similar things to what I am doing, and I want to paint an honest picture of what it takes for me to be, and stay, connected to my creative genius, and be actively putting myself, and my ideas, out there.

Often we look at people who are "doing it" and assume it must be easy for her.

Which is not only not true, it puts you in the...

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Permission to change.

My creative journal kit has been in overdrive lately as I've been mapping out new plans.

I am taking 2 classes starting in April, 2 transformational classes that I am both super excited about and totally ready for. They are providing me with the structure and support I need to make some really big changes in my life and my business.

And there is this part of me that is all geeeeeeeez, again? You just changed everything, not that long ago.

Yup, I did. And yup, I am doing it again.

Actually, that...

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Things I Know (Dialogue with my inner worry-wort)

When I'm a little dazed and confused, it's always helpful to write out a list of things I know. This is a random list of what I know today:

1. All Signs Point To YES. Just because this new thing is a "way bigger deal" than anything I've done before, my inner critics are convinced it can't succeed. But nothing has actually happened that suggests this isn't going to go exactly as planned.

2. I am clearly exceeding my current limit for what I feel comfortable receiving. I have been here before...

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Creative Flow. Why Aren't You Here Yet?

So I continue to work on this project.

My heart is full:

DELIGHT in the magic of this project

CARE for all the little details

GRATITUDE for being offered something that is on a scale far, far beyond the level I've been working on

LOVE for the project itself and how it's going to help people

And still. Progress is beautiful and slow. MADDENINGLY SLOW.

Hmmmm. Seeing that there in black and white I feel I should add: it's probably not slow at all. It's more like I WANT IT TO BE RACING CAR FAST.


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I Am Stuck.

Recently I was offered a really incredible opportunity. (No, I can't give any details.)

In order to move forward with this opportunity, I have to create something. I create things all the time - so no biggie, right?


The first draft was no biggie actually. The enormity of the project hadn't quite sunk in yet, I was super excited and so I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. And what I wrote is pretty good. It's nowhere near what I want it to be and what I know it can be, but it's a great...

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