Celebrating 10 years in business with an epic month of free classes + coaching

It was January 1, 2011, that I officially quit my last job to do the Creative Dream Incubator full time.

(Which, at that time, was called ABCcreativity - the Creative Dream Incubator was the first e-course I made once I started doing this full time)

I remain so grateful to me-from-then for making the move.

I'm feeling especially grateful for my business during this difficult year.

Grateful to have work that is fulfilling and fun and also helps me hold space for my own process of healing and growth.

Grateful to have steady income during such an unpredictable year.

The Creative Dream Incubator is my biggest dream come true. Dreams grow you. And then as you grow, your dreams grow, but then they grow you even more, and it becomes an infinite cycle of growth and inspiration.

And I am grateful for the ways that the Creative Dream Incubator has grown me.

I am braver, I trust myself more, I trust my creativity and intuition more, and I feel less of a need to prove my worth or the value of my work.

My once impossible dream became my sturdy foundation.

I do still remember when I wanted to do some kind of meditation/creativity workshops, to offer the magic and healing I had experienced to others, but had no clue how to make that happen.

And I remember figuring out how to do that work, but doing it on the side while working full time, and feeling so grateful to be doing it at all while also feeling SO SURE that I could never do this as my full time work.

I always try to remember that things that felt COMPLETELY impossible to me once are my life now.

Which means that the things that FEEL impossible now actually might not be.

One thing hasn't changed: that desire to offer the magic + healing that I have received to others.

This is the foundation of how I've built my business and I am excited to keep doing this in 2021. When we do this work of receiving the gifts and medicine of our dreams, this helps us become more of who we really are.

Being more of who we really are is the more liberating, healing and joy-inducing thing we can do for ourselves.

And it's also how we grow wiser and become braver and ready to stand up, speak up, and create a better world for everyone.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Creative Dream Incubator, I'm going to do a whole month long FESTIVAL OF DREAMS.

This means: free classes, coaching videos, challenges and other fun stuff. A whole month of inspiration, support and magic for setting yourself up for RADICAL SUCCESS with your dreams in 2021.

I believe that collectively, we are at a turning point.

We need to become who we really are in order to save this planet, because I don't believe that who we really are is careless enough to destroy the only planet we've got.

We need to become who we really are in order to save each other, because I don't believe that who we really are would create these political systems that have people dying of poverty while others hoard more wealth than they can use in 20 generations.

And personally, I feel at a turning point as well.

I feel more creative and sure of myself than I ever have. I feel ready to both create and put myself out there in new ways.

I have so many big dreams for 2021! And I know you do too.

So let's prepare to dream BIGGER BRIGHTER AND DEEPER in 2021.

Let's use this moment to spur us on to greater things.

The Festival of Dreams will start on Monday, January 4.

My pandemic brain isn't great at planning so all of my planning powers are going to Dream Book right now. Which means I don't have a plan for the whole month - just a big pile of ideas and a commitment to keep showing up for the Festival of Dreams all month long.

But the GREAT thing about that is that: you can help me decide what we do in the Festival of Dreams!

LET ME KNOW what you're working with:

  • What are your questions about how to get to where you want to be in 2021?
  • What are the main obstacles you're facing right now?

Go to this page and answer these questions on the comments so I can make the classes that will help YOU the most.

Here's what I do know:

I'll be offering free mini-classes, coaching videos and creative dream challenges throughout January on Instagram Live. (If you're not on Instagram it would be worth it to join for this month). The replays will be available on my Instagram page.

Everything will be freely available - you don't have to sign up for emails or anything.

Whooo hoooo!

I can't wait. See you Monday!

Now check out the Festival of Dreams right here!

Celebrating 10 years in business with an epic month of free classes + coaching

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