(If you missed my Solstice Meditation + Journaling on Instagram on Monday, you can watch it right here)

Since the Solstice, my dreams have been stepping up and making all new demands.

I love it.

Except when I’m feeling terrified about it, and like I am too small to Dream bigger, of course.

I just recorded a new Dream Book video about working with the dreams that feel completely impossible.

And that’s the vibe I am bringing to my end-of-year journaling and reflection: Determination to set myself up to do impossible things in 2021.

Like - let’s do this already!!!

Are you with me?

Dream Book is ongoing through the holidays. I’m in there every day claiming my new dreams, the ones I’ve been circling around and “I don’t know if I’m ready-ing” about for some time.

I’m making lists. Shining a light on fears. Transforming the things that hold me back. Digging deep and using ALL the tools.

I’ll keep doing this in between baking cookies, playing board games, making the kids get outside for fresh air, and enjoying all of the holiday snacks.

I’ll be writing every day about how I’m doing this and inviting you to DREAM BIG with me (or dream bright or dream calm or however you want to play with your dreams), on our private Dream Book website where we can talk about the awkward vulnerable unsure parts without the whole internet being able to see. (And where you have access to all the tools you need to actually DO it)

Join me here.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps