Creative Emergence Day 9: The Magic is in the Qualities


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The Magic is in the Qualities.

I talk about this both in my free introductory class and in pretty much all of the classes inside the Creative Dream Circle -? it’s really important to work with the qualities of your dream/intention, to not just focus on the external.

The qualities are a way of working with the essence of your dream/intention – the essence is a real, living spiritual being, I think of it as the heart and soul of your dream.

The essence of your dream already contains everything you need to bring it to life, so working with the essence makes everything easier – like magic.

This is how you shift out of “working your ass off to make it happen” and into “ease-fully growing into your full potential” which is the most effective way of make your dream real.

If you don’t understand what I mean here – go to my free introductory class where I explain the basics of understanding the qualities of your dream.? For Creative Dream Circle members the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course teaches you in detail how to work with the essence to bring your dream to life.

So today I want you to play with the qualities of your intention for Creative Emergence.

If you’re not sure what they are, spend some time journaling about it first.? What are the qualities of your intention?

Then – play with them!? My favourite way to do this is collage: flip through magazines while thinking about your qualities and tear out words and photos that express the feeling of the essence for you, then stick them down in your journal.

But here is absolutely no wrong way to do this – just spend some time playing with the qualities.

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

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Because I loooove my Circle members, I’ll be posting links to resources inside the Circle in most of these posts so they can dive into the lessons a little deeper. If you’re not a Circle member you can just ignore this part – or join us!


  • The Energy Clearing audio shows you the simplest way of working with qualities.
  • All of the classes show you different ways of working with qualities and essence but the Creative Dream Incubator shows you the whole process of working with qualities and essence to bring your dream to life – Module 2 is all about working with qualities in inspiring and creative ways.
  • We’ve also got a private forum inside the Circle for sharing your Creative Emergence photos and stories if you’d rather not do that publicly – we’d love to see photos of your collage of qualities!

You’ll need to be logged into your Creative Dream Circle account for these links to work – if you don’t remember your password just click “forgot password” and it will be sent to you, just make sure to use the email address you used when you joined the Circle.


See you back here tomorrow for day 10 of Creative Emergence.

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