Creative Genius Planning + The Healing Magic Of Feeling Ready

Today I did Creative Genius Planning.

(If you’re not in Dream Book you can do this one for free here. If you are in Dream Book you can get it here - you get 7 different versions of it for different circumstances)

I forget how much I love the Creative Genius Planning practice.

All those weeks when I was struggling so much with structure and planning - THIS WOULD HAVE HELPED!!!

I wasn’t using it because I didn’t think I had enough clarity to do it, but it would have helped me have more clarity.

This is such a beautiful process. During the meditation, looking at my list for the week, I suddenly knew how to structure it! I created three categories: Admin Work, Creative Work and Visioning/Journaling.

I labeled each thing on my list with one of these. Now it’s easier to zero in on the tasks that match my energy at any given time.

This isn’t earth-shattering or anything but feels like a really solid step towards having a more supportive structure for doing all the things I want to be doing.

The end part of the meditation made me want to cry.

I am doing this in a coffee shop, otherwise I might have. Just so beautiful to feel that support and fuel and that radiating light.

To feel supported, by my own creative genius, to do the things I want to do.

I am also feeling like - that support was always there, even in the last little while when I thought I wasn’t “up for” being that version of me who felt like she could move forward. But the thing is, I was moving forward. It just looked/felt different because my life was changing so quickly.

Also tears for the magic of re-connecting with the part of me who feels ready to plan because planning only happens when you’re ready for action. 

And it’s not all about “accomplishing tons of things” it’s about the healing magic of doing the things you feel called to do. And how hard it is when you can’t do them. And then how amazing it feels when you can do them again.

Over the years I have worked with so many people who, for one reason or another, couldn’t do the things they wanted to do.

It’s not that uncommon to sign up for coaching and then something happens where you can’t do the thing you wanted to do in coaching, or something you just have so much resistance come up you absolutely cannot do the thing.

BEING WITH the pain of that is a part of practicing your creative dreams. It’s healing and restorative to tend to it. And it is laying the foundation for being able to do the thing when the timing is right.

Sometimes, especially when it’s mostly our own resistance in the way, tending to that pain IS the next step, and you won’t be able to do the thing until you have done that work.

Dream Book Resources for that: Space-Making, Library of Inner Work Practices especially: For When You Are In Resistance and For When You’re Avoiding The Un-Sticking Station.

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