Some days I just can’t with Dream Book

I wasn't sure where to start today, so I went to the Dream Book Oracle again.

It sent me to the Dream Self Challenge, which felt like the perfect thing.

I printed out the cutouts and cut them out and sat down with journal and glue stick and then... just got distracted. The week after the time change I usually am pretty distractible and "off".

In the spirit of Creative Dream Alchemy (meeting yourself where you are and moving towards where you want to be) I am giving myself permission to be where I am.

Distracted. Foggy. Not in a place for this kind of focused Dream Work.

What I can do is... just journal. With no particular focus. Starting with the question:

What do I want?

Not necessarily to answer the question, but to let my thoughts wander on the page. So I am setting a timer for 20 minutes and going to do that for my practice today.

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