Creative Journaling: Do I have To Do It Every Day?

Today’s post is a Dreamtastic Creative Journals? post.? Dreamtastic is an ongoing (free!) e-course about using your journal as a tool for transformation, healing and dream-growing.

Today’s question:

Does journaling at the same time daily work better? Is it OK to journal only a few times per week?

There are NO rules to Creative Dream Journaling.? Or, well, there is one rule: do what feels right for YOU.

Remember that Creative Dream Journaling is about being engaged in the inner process of bringing your dream to life, so the more you do it, the more helpful it’s going to be.

But, since this is an inner process – approach is everything.

If your inner drill Sargent is forcing you to do this every day, you may have a hard time finding the magic in it.

And if you’re doing it when you’re truly inspired this can be a deeply helpful and transformative process even if you aren’t making time for it every day.

If you’re having a hard time making time for your Creative Dream Journal practice, explore why.

Or you can explore this in more depth.

Usually rules like this “If I don’t do this every day that means I’m not doing it right and I failed” do not come from your creative genius – they come from your inner critics disguised as your inner perfectionist.

It’s saying if you can’t do it perfectly you’re better off not doing it at all.

That’s not true.

Ten minutes of truly enjoying playing in your journal, once a month, is FAR better than holding yourself to some bullshit standard of perfection.

And here’s the magic part:

Just thinking about all of this counts as your practice.

Being in resistance to doing it counts as your practice.

It’s all a part of it.

I got the sweetest email last week, from a woman who has been receiving my emails for three months and hasn’t done anything with them.

She was feeling kind of guilty, like she should be DOING SOMETHING with this fabulous information + inspiration I was sending out.? She felt overwhelmed and like maybe she was sabotaging herself…

And then one day she sat down and this just came out:

Creative Journaling

And she said:

Today this came from within me… no planning, no reason it simply came forth and it felt amazing.? So thank you, the seeds you’ve planted are sprouting and as a keen gardener I am going to learn all I can to support this dream within me.

Those three months of resistance were a part of the process.

Those three months were important!? That was the incubation period.? That’s what it took to get to that place of spontaneous creativity and connecting with her dream.

You may need three months or two days or ten years.

Because this is inner work, we simply can’t apply outer rules to it.

So when you’re wondering how often to journal – look inside for the answer.