Creative Journaling: Where To Find Inspiration?

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Today’s question:

I’m incredibly busy, where can I look for inspiration?

Busy or not, there is only ever one place to look for inspiration: inside you.

The point is Creative Dream Journaling is not, EVER, to make pretty pages, because making pretty pages is NOT the same process as using a journal as a tool for healing, transformation and dream-growing.

So, when you have time for your journal (and you really don’t need more than 5 minutes) write about what’s happening in your inner world – write about how you’re feeling.

creative journaling

Write about what you want.? Give your desire space to express itself in your journal!

Draw your soul.? Collage your dreams.

Let yourself be your inspiration.

You’re fascinating!? Let your journal be a testament to how amazing you and your dreams really are.


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