[FREE Tele-Class] Who’s Talking To Me? How to tell Fear from Intuition

[FREE Tele-Class] Who's Talking To Me? How to tell Fear from Intuition

Bringing a dream to life is about dancing this inner dance, of uncovering and activating intuitive wisdom + superpowers while spotting and transforming fears before they can create roadblocks.

This gets confusing because your fears are really good at presenting logical, reasonable and safe arguments for staying inside your comfort zone, even when it’s not comfortable at all in there.

And while everyone is intuitive, if you’ve never learned how to really listen to your intuition, then it’s hard to be able to hear it.

Plus sometimes, when you do hear it, your intuitive wisdom is kind of weird and it’s hard to know what to do with it.

Most of us hear our inner fear loud and clear, while our inner wisdom seems to be whispering very very quietly, sometimes in a foreign language.

When you flip this around – impossible dreams become possible realities!

It’s tempting to think that it’s a simple matter of: if my intuition wants me to succeed, and my fear wants me to fail, this means that all YES voices are intuitive wisdom and all NO voices are inner critics and fears.

It’s NOT that simple.

Again, because fear is so good at presenting logical, reasonable and safe arguments, and because most of us did not grow up in a culture that taught us to trust our inner instincts, and because the risks involved in bringing a dream to life can be scary sometimes, it just gets really hard to know, for sure, which voice you’re listening to.

Since listening to your intuition leads to Creative Dream Success and listening to your fear leads to running on endless hamster wheels – it’s really important to know which voice you’re listening to!

In this class we will:

  • learn how to tell the difference between fear and intuition
  • explore how to turn down the volume on fear and turn up the volume on intuition

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[FREE Tele-Class] Who’s Talking To Me?

How to tell Fear from Intuition
Tuesday, November 26, 1PM, Central (North American Time)


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