Exploring “what’s next” is actually a jumble of intersecting layers.

I put on a favourite summer dress and went out to do some favourite summer things this morning and... nothing worked as planned.

Other cyclists on the path were so obnoxious!

I forgot my noise canceling headphones and nearly lost my mind in the din of 20 people all talking over each other on the coffee shop patio.

I did get to my favourite peony patch in the park, but it was so full of mosquitos I couldn't stay.

I am thinking about how complicated it is to hold a vision for your future while navigating reality.

Like I wrote yesterday - I feel like my soul is calling me towards a brighter future than the rest of me can see. How do I move towards a thing I cannot see? Especially when every step that I CAN see on this path feels impossible?

This is what creative dreaming has always been.


It's all more complicated right now because you don't dream in a vacuum, you dream in the world.

Exploring "what's next" is actually a jumble of intersecting layers.

As the world changes - how are you feeling called to change with it?

How have you been forced to change and how are you coping with this?

What's been stirred up in you that needs tending to?

What new dreams are being born, and how can you give them some space (even if pursuing them feels impossible right now)?

It's a lot.


NOT exploring any of this only keeps us stuck in it.

Holding Space For What's Next To Emerge is a 1 hour meditation + journaling class (and it's free!)

Meditation to make some space for your thoughts and feelings about all of this.

Journaling to help get it out of your head and onto the page where it's easier to sort it out.

Conversation about what comes up to feel less alone in it all.

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