Finding that thing I need next

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Last week I was sharing the process of getting back into my Dream Book, and how terrifying and vulnerable it was to check in with my process in this way.

Then on the weekend I took my Dream Book out for coffee and…

It was easy.

I opened it up and I KNEW WHAT I NEEDED TO DO NEXT. Which is exactly the point of Dream Book.

I saw this mess of ideas.... so I organized then into a LIST.

This felt like a bonafide miracle.

Because A LIST is something I can work with, and for so long I’ve just had… ideas floating around.

And, of course, the feelings that got sparked by the ideas which were so uncomfortable they made it hard to see the ideas clearly enough to be able to act on them....


I really want to normalize all of this stuff.

The ways we feel like we’re failing when really we’re doing next-level stuff and none of it is straightforward and the process is not linear and we’re all actually doing amazing because WE’RE STILL HERE WORKING AT IT.

The way sitting with your thoughts about what to do next can make you cry in frustration because none of them feel do-able.

The way your own ideas can scare you!

That's all a part of it...

I feel SO RELIEVED to be in this place this morning of having some clarity about my next steps… but this is not a BETTER place to be than where I was when I felt lost.

It’s ALL a part of it, we can’t skip some parts.

Feeling lost and frustrated, making space for those reactions... I don't LIKE these parts, but I know they are inevitable for this work because our dreams push us beyond what we know, they ask us to heal and grow beyond our comfort zone and the only way to stay comfortable all the time is to stay crouched inside our comfort zones.

So if you feel lost right now, please pat yourself on the back. It means you’re growing beyond what you know. You can’t get lost if you stay where you’ve always been.

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Finding that thing I need next

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