Focusing on ONE dream and ONE thing at a time

Of course, there are no rules! YOU always know what is best for you.

BUT/AND it really is easier to make a big change happen when you can focus on one thing.

This is not always possible! I know!

But if you are really struggling making something happen, it is good to look at how you could re-structure your priorities to give this thing more time, energy and FOCUS.

For myself, focus has been really hard to find since 2020.

And I’ve noticed that my Dream Book has become less and less focused. I’m dreaming of everything, lol!

Over the years my dream had become this vague thing… the brightest future I see for myself.

Which is lovely, but you need to be able to focus on something in order to grab onto it.

So, this year I am focusing.

I am dialled in on ONE dream.

And, since this is a larger dream that has multiple steps/projects - I am also PRIORITIZING things, getting one thing done before starting the next.

I know that seems like an obvious way to get things done, but since 2020 I have struggled with that.

I haven’t wanted to put any ideas aside to focus on just one, and the result is that none of the ideas get the support they need.

And I’m kind of just swimming around in ideas, becoming increasingly overwhelmed trying to juggle it all at once.

So I took the time to put the ideas into ORDER and am working through them - one by one.

I’ve only been doing this for about a month but already I feel completely differently about everything.

AND I want to note - the process of putting them in “order” and prioritizing certain things over other things WAS BRUTAL. It brought up a lot of fears and doubts and I un-stuck the sticks as I went and now it feels really good to have my ideas IN ORDER so I can give each one the time and energy they need to turn into something.


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