The Pegasus Bell will help me be more Present + Intentional [Weekly Dream Status Report]

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On Fridays I do my Dream Status Report which is a series of prompts I use every week to help me have more clarity, momentum and groundedness on my path. You can do them with me (Dream Book members: come post yours in the forum!)!

My Dream Status Report for this week:


My dream is: This one doesn't want to be shared, but I do have a very specific thing I am working on now.

I want it because: It feels like the truest way forward.

When I have it I will feel: I have never felt anything excitement about birthdays - especially the “big ones”. I’ve always looked forward to entering new decades but I am going to turn 50 this spring and I am having a lot of uncomfortable feelings about it. This dream feels connected, like - I am sorting out who and how I want to be in this new phase of life.


Invite the soul of your dream in (using the Dream Lab practice) to help you with the rest of the prompts.

The goal is never to do these kinds of practices “perfectly” but to just be where you are with them. I am in a coffee shop and even with noise-canceling headphones that do work on most noises - there are two very small children beside me who can break through the headphones, lol. But in my meditation I was hearing them as bells ringing, and then I remembered this bell I have which is a Pegasus and then was like “that’s it! My dream is here as a Pegasus!” Which feels wrong and also right.

It doesn’t matter HOW your dreams show up in this practice, it’s just helpful to work with whatever happens when you do it. Nothing is an accident.

So, my dream shows up as a Pegasus bell. Oh, no as I look closer it’s not a bell, it’s just a Pegasus but it makes a sound like a bell.

I ask it to help me with the rest of the prompts and it flies around in a circle.


Last week’s focus was: Stick with the plan. Don't make it smaller.

What happened in the last week? 

I did stick with the plan! I feel really good about how I am implementing my ideas right now.

I launched the New Moon Intention Setting Ritual Kit! Getting the artwork done and then getting the whole thing ready for sale was more work than I had anticipated - but I started on track. And that took up most of my attention.

My resistance project is calling and I am ignoring the calls, lol. Resistance to my resistance project. I am promising it I will have more time for it next week.

And we did the New Moon Call this week and that brought me this new idea, which ties in some stuff I have been exploring in the resistance project, and inspiration for new creative projects I want to start… so now I have a new project to work on.

What am I learning/How do I feel about this?

I am feeling like WHY IS LIFE HAPPENING SO FAST???!?!

I usually love the slow vibes of winter, but I am not feeling slow at all. Maybe it’s the climate change (I rode my bike to the coffee shop this morning, because it’s raining and I didn’t want a long walk in the rain - normal temps for a February morning here are more like -20-30.

And during the new moon call I realised that I’ve been staying up later and later, and sleeping in later and later, and missing that “magical feeling time” of waking up way before the sunrise in the winter.  (Sunrise is VERY early in WInnipeg in the summer, I never see it) So I could go back to earlier bed time to get that magic + slow feeling in the early mornings.

What do I need now?

To feel like life is slowing down, like I have time for all the things I want to do.

Oh! But another thing I realised during the new moon call is that it’s not about the hours in the day it’s about how present I can be. I want to do all this deeper work and I am just not in a deeper space as much as I want to be. Which means - I need more meditation + stillness + to work through the resistance that is keeping me from being where I want to be.

What does my dream need now?

Oh well now the Pegasus feels like the perfect way for my dream to show up. I used to use that Pegasus bell to help me set intentions. Like - letting the sound clear around doubt and anything that would make it hard for me to do what I want to do. And also as a sound to declare “this is what I am doing now” or “this is who I want to be today”… I used that bell in so many ways.

My dream needs me to get back to that.

Taking all of this into account, my focus for the next week is:

Use the Pegasus bell to help me be more intentional + present. (This may sound vague but I know exactly what this means and I will report back!)

And I want to add: it’s like I’m not intentional or present! It’s that I need to be DEEPER with both. It’s one of the things my dream is often asking for - for me to KEEP GOING deeper, there is no limit there.

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